How to Create Great Content

Content marketing is a tool to reach new customers and grow your business. When done well, it can be an incredible powerful tool. However, the much-anticipated results companies are counting on from their content marketing often does not become a reality for many reasons, but it all needs to start with a clear content plan.

Many companies throw out a lot of content and cross their fingers that something comes of it. Creating mass amounts of content is not the way to be successful in content marketing. You need a plan. Part of that plan is knowing what you want your content to achieve. Know who you are targeting with your content and develop it with that person in mind and the goal you are wanting achieved with that piece of content.

Creating Great Content

It can be a challenge to create great content all the time. There is some great software out there to help you with that like Brameworks or Jasper. But even with the help of software, you still need to put some effort in to ensuring the content will push your audience to the goal you have set for your content.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Who are you creating the content for? Have you defined who your ideal client or customer is? Taking the time to identify who your ideal client or customer is, is one of the most important exercises you can go through for your business. It will help you understand their pain points and what they are looking for in your product or service. 

(If you need to go through this exercise, grab a copy of my guide to defining your ideal avatar here)

This will make content creation much easier as it will give you some insight on how to relate to your audience and build those Know, Like, Trust relationships. People like relationships, and even if they are not in a position to take advantage of your offer now, they will come to you when they are.

Content and Your Overall Marketing Goals

Are you just looking to get your brand out there and recognized? This will require content that creates engagement. Engagement is the commenting or sharing of your content. To create engagement, watch for Captions that Convert coming soon.

If you are looking for conversions, your content is going to need to resonate strongly with your leads. It should identify their issue or pain point, how you can relate and the outcome they can experience with your tips, tricks, or solutions.

Optimize for Searches

After putting the work into a great piece of content that was built around your avatar, creates engagement, and is designed to nurture the relationship you have started, how can you make sure you show up in searches? How can you make sure that people find your content when they are looking for information that is in the content you have created? This is related to SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You want to ensure that your content contains keywords related to the subject. These are words that your prospective customers or clients would use when searching for solutions online.

Getting the Most from Your Content

It can seem like a waste of time to create content, post it and need to create more. There is a recommended 20/80 rule… of the time you block out for content creation, you should spend 20% of your time creating, and 80% of your time posting it.

But there are only so many places you can share it, how do you get the most out of each piece of content you create?

·        Turn a blog or video into a podcast

·        Break a blog or video into tips you can share on their own

·        Reschedule… Use a content scheduler like Metricool and schedule your content to be posted in several places, several times over the next few months. The followers you gain in the future may not see what you posted yesterday.

Regardless of what you create for content; blogs, videos, graphics, tips, emails and so on, the key is being consistent and building those relationships through your content. Being there to service your ideal clients when they need your solutions to their situations. If you can save some time creating great content in the process… why not?!?

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